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A user experience designer making cool things that matter.

Hey, I'm Andres! I design motion graphics, branding, front-end web, and UI/UX. My goal is to make experiences rich, engaging, and memorable through storytelling and design. I've designed for Google, NeoReach, AAA National, The Walt Disney Company, and INROADS Inc. Learn a bit more!

Below I share a couple of motion graphic clips I've worked on recently. They were both awarded a Gold and Silver Regional ADDY in April of 2015. In addition, this website is a showcase of my front-end development work. From wireframing, to UX flow, and into hardcoded, semantic HTML5, CSS and Javascript, this site represents a major portion of my late-night coding. Luckily, this has brought me and Coffee closer together over time. We couldn't be happier.

“As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.” — Jef Raskin

Latest Works:

Awarded a Gold Regional ADDY, featured on TechCrunch, Google's Design blog, and with over 50,000 views on Google Web Designer's YouTube Channel, this is one of my favorite animations to date. I worked with several of Google's business lines to envision, and scope this clip. I created all graphics and animations myself. The soundtrack is part of the Youtube Music Library. Created with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. 2014.

One of my core projects while working at Google was the scriptwriting, illustrating, and animating of a promotional video for Google's DoubleClick Studio dynamic creative platform. The video rolled out along with a revamped website whose target audience are creative agencies that partner with Google to advertise to millions of consumers worldwide. All graphics were created within PhotoShop and Illustrator and animated within After Effects. Awarded a Silver Regional ADDY. 2014.